Theater Arts Workshop 2010

This is the culmination of our week-long Improvisational Theater Workshop in celebration of the Holy Week 2010 at Vigan City, sponsored by the Vigan City Government headed by Vigan City Mayor Eva Marie Singson Medina  in cooperation of the  Metropolitan Museum of Manila. Thanks a lot to our theater arts director Raffy Tejada.

Artes Ita Semana Santa 1 2010

Artes Ita Semana Santa 2  2010

Artes Ita Semana Santa 3 2010



My Campblog2A Experience

Scribus: Desktop Publishing

How are you my dear  students? Third quarter is over. How did you like the lessons we tackle from the last grading period? Did you find challenging?I know some of you might think it was  so hard but that is learning anyway. Let’s face the last quarter of the school year with an all smile , time is so fast.

I would like you to introduce a new application. I know some of you are familiar with Desktop Publishing.

Have you ever tried  visiting places other than our province or country, amusement parks and elsewhere which  you are interested? Or you might have  attended events or festivals ? Try to  ask from the information desk or even the tourism authority about facts that features  different  places,  products, services and and organization. Surely,they will provide you the best information you want to know.

Please follow this link to learn more about Desktop Publishing

There are free open-source programs that brings professional page layout to Linux/Unix,MacOS X, and Windows desktop. One the programs mostly used by desktop publishers is the Scibus Desktop Publishing.

Now, let us explore  Scribus.

Try to click the links below.

Fantastic, right?

You can create a newsletter,brochure,etc.

Before you are given a task, let us learn about brochure, click this link to read about this tips for brochure design.

You can see  samples of brochures with this link.

Now,I have another challenge to you my dear students.

Your task is to explore your community. Create a brochure about place /organization that informs, educates, or persuades. The topic should give enough information to grab and keep the readers interest from start to finish.

You may cover a broad topic but it shouldn’t contain so much information that it overwhelms the reader. Choose 2 to 3 key points about the place/ organization to describe. If there are other important elements, consider listing them in a simple bullet list or chart somewhere in your brochure.

Decide the best format to present your information. Different formats work best for brochures with lots of text, lots of pictures, small blocks of text, lists, charts, or maps.

After creating your brochure, submit a hardcopyand softcopy for evaluation. Post your softcopy  in my wordpress e-class.  Make a link  to your wordpress.

Good Luck!

basic computer

How To Make a Good Presentation

Making Presentations

ict Literacy Training


To SSC Becquerel and Boyle

Please find time to download your activities  from November 23-26, 2009.

Click the link below FYI.

Thank you!


wordprocessing quest

for regular class students:

wordprocessing question1

Vigan’s Solidarity Day

To SSC Studs:

Create your own movie or presentation about your town’s festival or celebrations

You may upload it in and link it to your blog site.

watch this